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Default Just quit HCG

I started HCG (Homeopathic) on March 31 of this year. I did 8 weeks my first round on Phase 2, then 3 weeks on Phase 3, then back on phase 2 for 2 more weeks. I wasn't losing as well this time, and my hunger seemed to be alittle more prevelant.. I noticed that my new drops didn't have any HCG in them, and the crafty website I ordered them from, changed the formula, but left the bottle and packaging completly identical. I decided to go off the drops, and try to lose myself. The night I made this choice, I over ate, of course.. But yesterday I counted calories, and felt I was being good, I even exorcised twice (somthing i missed while on HCG). And today I have a gain. I gained yesterday too. 3 lbs total for both days. I can blame it on a number of things, the over eating Sunday night, the workouts making me retain water, cottage cheese in my smoothy(I usualy showed a gain follow cottage cheese days) or that the drops really did work, and cause me to gain extra.. Whatever it was, I am really bummed about it.. Anways, I am going to keep plugging along..

Also I lost 26 lbs and went from a 14 to an 8 in the 13 weeks I followed the plan.. (including the 3, I have already gained back). Hopefully i can lose the last 5 lbs to goal,and maintain it myself.. Good luck everyone..
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