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You can do it! I was 274 at my highest and now 230. Just make going to the gym almost like your religion where you do it every day. Throw out all the junk food in house, refuse to eat at restaurants and refuse to eat prepackaged foods and cook from scratch. If you have a weakness for a certain kind of food deem the food as poison and do not allow it in the house. (this is coming from a former Pringles can a day gal) I don't remember last time I had chips. Throw out all the soda, both diet and regular, and drink only water, tea and milk. After you go gym then go participate in some hobby that burns a lot of calories. Like I do metal detecting which burns 250 calories per hour. Then you'll be too da gum tired to eat much when you get home. Being on Fitday is really helping me as now visually seeing the calories add up and seeing what certain foods contain has made me behave myself more and avoid bad foods. Just promise yourself to be entirely honest and enter every food you intake and be honest on for real how many minutes you exercise. Its working for me, so if I can do it anybody can do it!
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