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Originally Posted by viridiann View Post
Anyone doing ATKINS diet?
Yep! Three weeks ago this Thursday, my doctor called me a fat bastage, and pointed out that my weight and blood pressure had been creeping up for five years, while my blood work had gone downhill. On top of all that, I had several nasty encounters with back pain.

The Doc suggested Atkins, because it had worked for him. I went out that night, bought the new book, and read the chapter on Induction. I started the diet the next day. Since then I've finished the book, and have started using FitDay to help track and tweak my food choices.

The result? I've lost 18 pounds in under three weeks.

Like my2littleangels I've decided to stay on Induction for a few more weeks. I am not hungry, and not experiencing any major cravings. While I am getting excellent results so far, the true test is where I'm at in a year.

(Stay tuned!)
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