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Default Thanks anyway

My information may be wrong, but I got that information directly from this very thread.

01gt4.6 said:
we have been told that the only accounts that can be deleted are premium accounts, non paying members can just stop using the site at any time.

Also, by the way, you were getting snide. You still are. This next statement is snide.

VitoVino said:
Not getting snide, stating FACTS. And your facts are **wrong**. There it NO CAPABILITY built in; only with the Premium accounts will a tech go in and delete the data. Get it? Good!
Your statement actually confirmed exactly what I said before. You said, in that very statement, that you won't remove my health information until I pay for an account. I consider that a problem.

VitoVino said:
By the way... "exposed the function"??? Do you mean GIVEN PERMISSIONS??? You don't even talk like a developer so I call you on this as well.
My choice of wording in relation to "giving permissions" was a more general way to reference functions that are available to end users. Whether it involves "giving permission", exposing another final endpoint to a service, or WHATEVER the idea is the same. And irrelevant to the argument. Not all developers walk and talk the same, develop in the same languages, or use the same technologies.

VitoVino said:
There it NO CAPABILITY built in; only with the Premium accounts will a tech go in and delete the data.
If the capability wasn't built in, that isn't an argument for why you're right. It's actually shows that this is either poorly designed system, was built specifically to retain info even after users leave, or they simply missed something that we (as users) feel was necessary.

VitoVino said:
I'm probably just talking to a one post wonder anyway. OPW's abound on FD.
Does this give you some sort of psycological upper-hand? Make you feel better about ripping someone open for asking such a simple request?

I have no desire to hear from you again, although I'm sure I will. I will be ignoring any further "advice" or "help" that you provide.

Now, to acknowledge a more reasonable post:

What emails are you referring to and how often do you get them? I don't know if I've ever received an email from FitDay.
I don't get them terribly often, but once in a while I get a "Sign up for FitDay Premium!" solicitation. I could deal with the emails (just delete them when I get them), but I literally do not use the service at all, so I have to wonder if the emails will ever end.

And for me, the concern over my personal health data is of more important. People's fitness is a very personal matter.
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