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Originally Posted by frenchhen3 View Post
Terribly tired of this plateau... time for a change up... Canary52? you and I have exactly the same goal...we are going to make a dent in it this week. You ready?????

1. Log 10,000 steps a day, no excuses.
2. Drink 64 oz water a day, no excuses.
3. Cut 100 calories out off my daily intake, no excuses.
4. Sleep 8 hours a night, no excuses.
This reminds me of Cassie and I when we originally lost our weight. I didn't lose as much as you, (maybe 30 total) but when we got down to the last 5-8 lbs., it seems like it took forever. I had to really restrict my calories at the end to meet my goal... and as you can see, I still fight with the last 5-7 coming back when I take my eye off of the ball. But happily, I've been able to hold it there since 2010.

Keep going! You really can do it! It may require just a little more calorie restriction than you think.
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