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Default 7 Day Motivational starting 6/11/12: Let's get this party started

Ok since I want to list goals I will go first with the same goals I had last week:


1) 8 glasses of water minimum
2) 1650 calories maximum
3) walk or gym 3x
4) stretch every day
5) 500 "real" words a day 5x a week
6) 1 hour writing a day 5x a week
7) 5 veggies/fruits per day

So far, I am holding at 133 but it could be stress keeping my weight down. I started reading the primal/paleo thread on this site Saturday night and yesterday I went to a friend's who happened to have The Primal Blueprint sitting on her couch. It seems appealing but honestly I seem to be doing OK with what I'm doing: more fruits and veg, try not to eat too much after about 8. I very rarely if ever eat sugar (Makes my fibro go through the roof.) I eat sprouted grain English muffins, whole wheat wraps and occasional whole wheat pasta. I eat a bit of sugar free chocolate, a lot of fish, a LOT of chicken, some meat and I try for organic, kosher or the healthiest stuff I can find. I eat some low fat lactose free dairy. It seems that as soon as I start to go "on a plan" I can't wait to get off it. Generally I lose weight by restricting calories and doing as much movement/exercise as I can.
However, the caveperson diet and Mark's Daily Apple do appeal but right now I am afraid of getting derailed. I'd like to lose 8 more pounds but it might be a lot for me. Who knows?

OK that's me. And you?

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