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Hello - I did the HCG diet four years ago before it went wild-crazy popular and all the different methods popped up, and have kept the majority of the weight off. LOL I'm a purist and would use only the real stuff. I'm about 15 up at the moment, and am back on Fitday to track what I am eating and to see why I gained these last 7 lbs. Of course I know why - started a new job 3 months ago, and the stress of it as well as the sitting at the desk thing has caught up to me! I'm confident though that keeping track of what I'm eating and eating p3 style and dragging my bike out will get me back down again.

HCG is not easy, and yet I am so glad I did it. VERY. 52 lbs. lighter than I was back then. I keep a shirt I used to wear and thought I was cute in it - lol now and then I slip it on, so I can see just how better I am now.

15 lbs. isn't enough to lose to warrant another round, not really, though I won't discount it. So yes, it works, yes, I know people who have kept it off (I hung out on and those who haven't because they let the bad habits slip up.

Good luck!
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