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Default Gary Taubes: Why We Get Fat

Hi everyone,
I recently read Gary Taubes new book Why We Get Fat. I'm facinated by his paradigm of weight loss. It is in stark contrast to what I've learned over the years including the education I recieved as a personal trainer (12 years ago). I have been on his "diet" (although recommendations in the book are scarce) for about a week now and will weigh myself at the two week mark. I'm very curious to see how it works considering the lack of excersise and the focus on insulin as the driver of fat accumulation rather than calories. I know, I know, just eat healthy and excercise! But maybe, just maybe, when we diet (restrict calories) and spend an hour or hours excercising (expend additional calories to our basal) we're doing it the hard way! Maybe, its as easy as stopping the production of the hormone (insulin) that causes fat accumulation.
So far the plan is no where near as challegeing as programs I've been on in the past (or recommended to my clients). Yes its hard to restrict carbohydrates, but that's really the only challenge. With a traditional weight loss diet you face many challenges including hunger and intense excercise commitment and sometimes a dissatisfaction with the food choices.
Has anyone else read this book? If so, what is your experience and thoughts?
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