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Originally Posted by handcycle2005 View Post
What I see: I see her username as Connie... with 7 posts, join date Jun 2012 but when I look at her profile, I see a username of connie12345 and a post count of 0 with a join date of 7-11-2010.

That happened to me the first time I checked. Then I checked again the next time I logged in and all of her posts came up and I was able to click on them. It's happened to me with a couple other users in the past few days; I'm not sure what's going on with that.

It happened with Mike and I too, the other day; I linked a member in a PM to him and he could not pull up the posts.

I just tried right now and all of your posts are still coming up for me, Connie...if you go into the threads themselves, can you see them?

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