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Regarding carbs, remember if you had to choose only two macronutrients to live on the rest of your life you'd be very wise to say fat and protein; there are essential fats and proteins, no essential carbs.

More important than one's macro ratios is almost certainly their weight. If a person needs a high meat/fat diet and can live like that but maintain a healthy weight this is probably ok for them. If one prefers high carbs but can keep weight down, then go for it.

The lay person doesn't know much about nutrition and unfortunately science has been light on it. What we know now is that in fact a low-fat diet is WORSE for one's tricglyercides and blood pressure than a diet that replaces some of these carbs with healthy fats.

This is a highly complex subject with a huge amount of confounding and conflicting variables, but I do think Western diets as a whole are too high in carbs, and certainly too high in simple processed carbs (sugar). Not
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