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Originally Posted by handcycle2005 View Post
The best gauge for hydration is the color of your urine. Pale yellow/clear is ideal.
I've always found that a hard method to judge by.
All day yesterday after my walk I had 2 yellow/clear... but then I woke up this morning with orange o.o (but thats almost 24 hours later)
And other times, even when I feel thirsty the whole walk... I'll have no signs of dehydration later. My body just seems very inconsistent with this measurement xD

No need to go crazy, a couple of bottles of a sport drink will be fine. If you eat a normally salty American diet, you probably won't even need that.
I only use a sport drink on my weekly long ride.(I do love the salt. )

There are low calorie sport drinks if you're worried about the sugar content.
My bigger issue is they're just nasty xP
All I've drank since I was little is water and milk 99.9999% of the time. I'm not a big fan of sweet drinks or carbonated drinks. I do try and eat something small before or after my walk that I know has salt in it though.

Drink in small sips during the day. Too much at one time will cause the body to overcompensate with increased urine production.
Outside of exercising my water intake is sporadic... I typically don't drink anything for a long time and then think "wow... I need to drink something, I haven't drank anything all day," then I down a whole bunch at once. Then while I exercise I drink like a whale.

Thanks for the suggestions.
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