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We both know that unless the person you love can get honest with themselves, weight loss isn't going to happen and it won't be permanent. I can go round and round with some people in my life that I love who I want to get healthy in one way or another (Alcohol, Drugs, food, whatever...) and unless they are willing to be honest, it might work for the time when you are "supervising" but the minute you walk away, the portion control or food choice, alcohol, drugs, whatever, come out... and it's all up to them. I hate that for you, I hate that for me, but it is what is true.

There is a quote referring to the Gospel, "Preach the Gospel always, and when necessary, use words." You can also use it for your own "good news". There is no better way to be an inspiration to those that you love (and even better for those that are hard to love) than to follow that rule. I see your frustrations, and I can mirror those in situations in my life too. All you can do is be the best example for someone else to follow. But just BE it. They will see it more clearly when they come to the understanding on their own.
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