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Great observation. I can't understand the difference between the macro calorie breakdown (and total) and the calorie column totals either; it doesn't make sense.

I'm wondering if it is linked to the how the numbers for the macro calories are pulled/standardized from food database items (listed in the calories column) prior to the macro calculations.

I'm guessing it stems from rounding off numbers going from ounces to grams or grams to ounces, as the numbers are pulled from the calories column to determine the macro calculations.

It only makes sense that only ounces OR grams would be used in the calculation for the macro calories, because there are different units (grams and ounces) being used in the calories column; so the units would have to be standardized first prior to determining the macro calorie breakdown.

If I am correct, this would make the Calorie Column numbers accurate and the Macronutrient Calories incorrect (and therefore the pie chart is not accurate). Therefore my hypothesis is directly opposite yours, however I agree that it looks pretty certain that a problem exists.

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