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Default How much water for exercise

Since its getting hot quick for summer... and this is the first time I've been so active outside pretty much... EVER, I thought I'd ask for advice on water consumption. (I live in HOuston... so when I say its HOT, I mean its like an oven xD)

So... I think my exercise routine is going to be about 8 miles a day (4 mile round trip). Today I brought one 40 oz bottle of water, and one 32 oz bottle of water.... But they only lasted me 7 miles. (I'm 200 Pounds- 5"8'- Female: So I need more liquids than the typical healthy weight would need) I got home and ended up downing a giant glass I was so thirsty.... I also felt really lethargic afterwards... and usually I feel like the stinking energizer bunny after a good work out.

I know its good to keep hydrated, especially when I'm sweating my butt off... but isn't it bad to drink to much as well? Doesn't it affect your salt levels or something like that? I'm also having a problem of my bladder feeling full about half way through my walk So half feels like I'm drinking too much... the other half feels like not enough!

I will be bringing another 32oz bottle with me tomorrow, but do any of you have any suggestions. Is there an equation to figure out how much I should be drinking while exercising? Do I need to drink those nasty sugary sports drinks to keep my salt levels up? I just want to continue exercise like I"m doing, but prevent myself from getting sick

Ohhh! On one last note... Is hot water bad for you while walking? Towards the second half of my walk it was such a warm day I felt like I was drinking hot shower water my water was so hot in my metal bottles D=
Also... do swelling fingers during a walk indicate dehydration?
What about sore muscles? My thighs and calves haven't been sore in weeks... but today they feel like they're being ripped off Dx

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