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Originally Posted by Wohali View Post
I know its not cumulative. I have at least a 800 calorie deficit each day. Last night I went to bed with a 1100 calorie deficit. This morning I weigh 3 lbs more than yesterday evening. Yesterday I burned over 1500 calories from working out at gym, then going fishing, household chores and sleeping 7 hrs. I only took in 1800 and FD says just for a sedentary lifestyle I need over 2300 calories just to live before I add in my exercise. I can't stand to eat more and honestly can't afford that much groceries.
Calorie deficit IS cumulative in real life, but is tracked daily on the computer. If you have a deficit of approx. 3,500 calories over the course of a week, you should, on average, lose one pound. A 7,000 calorie deficit should result in a two pound loss, and so on (within reason).

Now, the human body does NOT always follow along with the "math", but on average, over time, it should be fairly close if you are accurate in your calorie intake and expenditure (garbage in, garbage out).

I highly suggest only weighing once a week, preferably at the same time and under the same conditions (first thing in the morning is best, IMHO). The body can have natural swings of several pounds due to fluid retention, etc. but the overall trend over time should be downward if you are truly maintaining a decent calorie deficit.

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