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Originally Posted by HankG View Post
If you are explicitly adding exercises then you can see what that impact is on calorie expenditure. Body weight and activity levels changes (sedentary, mostly seated, and so on) also affect it but if you haven't changed any of those it should be pretty leveled out. The calorie deficit is tracked per day, not cumulative. If without entering exercises you are seeing lots of variability in burned calories I'd be interested to see what is going on.
I know its not cumulative. I have at least a 800 calorie deficit each day. Last night I went to bed with a 1100 calorie deficit. This morning I weigh 3 lbs more than yesterday evening. Yesterday I burned over 1500 calories from working out at gym, then going fishing, household chores and sleeping 7 hrs. I only took in 1800 and FD says just for a sedentary lifestyle I need over 2300 calories just to live before I add in my exercise. I can't stand to eat more and honestly can't afford that much groceries.
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