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Default I don't know how many calories I should eat to lose weight

I know typically people are told eat 1200 to 1500 per day to lose weight. But if I go by fit day it says with just my lifestyle before I even enter my exercise for day that I should be eating over 2300 calories because of the weight I currently am. I typically exercise 2-3 hours a day plus household activities which makes FD boost my lifestyle calories into the 2600+ range.

Ok somewhere I recall also hearing you need a 500 calorie deficit in order to lose weight. But most days on FD it shows me at anywhere from -800 to -1100 calorie deficit by end of the day. Like right now I feel pretty full, but am afraid if I don't eat more that it will throw my body into deprivation/starvation mode as I have already been told by several fitness instructors that I may not be eating enough as no one can figure out why I've not lost more weight considering what I eat and the amount of exercise I do as I get very strenuous workouts.
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