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Default Monday

I'm here, I'm here.

I haven't had a chance to read everything, but did want to say welcome back to Quinn and April, been missing you two. Also a warm 7Day Welcome to Cate!

Gonna make this quick tonight cause I'm tired. I know everyone probably expects me to have something witty to say to Mike, but I don't. I wish him well this week.

Mike, whatdya say you update your progress in blue, I'll do mine in something girly (cause I get more and more girly every day...dammit) like That way we can see the side by side progress.

Tori vs. Mike Goals
1) highest % of weight lost (post beginning weight): 184.6 (again)
2) most ounces of water per day: 134.3
3) most servings of fruits/veggies (fresh, frozen, V8, doesn't matter): 3
4) least amount of bread: zero, zilch, nada
5) most miles walked: 2.05

Tori specific
1) find a new doctor--doing the phone thing on Wednesday
2) no smokes--check!
3) no frozen dinners (frozen lunch is okay if you are working)--all fresh today, thanks for asking
4) list something that I am grateful every day!

One last piece of Monday's update, public journal for your viewing pleasure....
ToriD1012 - free online diet and fitness journal

OOHHH!! And shouldn't the date be 6.4.12? Not 6.2.12....did we go back in time? aww hell, I don't wanna relive days......

Mini Goal Weight-??
Ultimate Goal Weight-TBD

Current Weight-??
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