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Default Can I join in too?

I would like to join this group! I am in 2nd week of Atkins induction and so far feel pretty good. No hunger pangs, no carb cravings either, which is AMAZING! I am even eating fewer calories, avg around 1300-1500/day (without starving!) Down 5 lb. so way to my first mini-goal.

First major goal already met reduce my blood sugar levels. My 3 month average was over 16, sugar starting to show up in urine so my dr. referred me to specialist as he thought I have to go on insulin (yep, that was MY a-ha moment) The appt with endocrinologist is for July 9. Happy to say I have an appt with my reg dr this Wednesday as he gave me add'l med to try and reduce my sugar levels and I had to stop taking it bcos it was making my bs level too LOW. My readings this past week are now almost normal in the 6.0 range! Im hoping hell tell me that we can cancel the specialist.

Goals this week:
1. Drink more water I am only averaging about 30 oz/day, not enough for initiation into pcc!
2. Start walking Hope I am very encouraged by you. I have FM too, along with chronic pain and it is a struggle every day to move esp. since I am working full-time. I start tomorrow, even if its only 15 minutes its more than Im doing right now!
3. Get more sleep I normally get a good 8 hrs but the past couple of weeks have been crazy and my avg is only about 6. Need to get back on track.
4. Post my before pics I did get them taken this weekend, but last couple of days have been very busy, promise to post tomorrow.

April, your pics are AMAZING. You go girl!

Mike, I looked at your pics 210.4 vs 174: what I found most impressive was not just weight loss, but the overall difference in your posture. INCREDIBLE!

I am very inspired by all of you and your ability to persevere and look forward to conversing!

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