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Originally Posted by samilton View Post
If you think it will not be a "slippery slope," Lean Cuisine has some nice snack-type meals now that are about 150 calories. I like them in a pinch if I have nothing fresh on hand. They call them spring rolls but they're really spring roll inspired, with an Italian version and a Mexican version.
Not to be a stickler, but those rolls are at least 200 calories. I do eat Lean Cuisine meals, but I have yet to find any for 150 calories. I think the lowest I found was about 190.

I have started making my own spring rolls though and they are quite tasty....not as good as a fried egg roll, but full of veggies and yummy. I recently tried baking them to crisp them up and that worked well too. They were more chewy than crispy but nice and warm.
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