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Sorry, I need to rant

I'm grumpy as all get-out, and hubby just keeps making it worse and worse. After four years, he still doesn't get that if I'm sick and/or have PMS (it's both ATM), he needs to either be gentle and helpful or stay the %#&@ out of my way. Every 5 minutes he's saying "what's your problem?" and I have to say, again, "I'M SICK!" and then he gets mad at me for getting mad at him. Seriously, if he's going to be mad at me for being sick and grumpy, he just shouldn't come in the house. Yesterday I felt like I was going to pass out in the afternoon, and he just took off to run errands and left the kid with me. It wouldn't even occur to him to try to help me out when I don't feel well, but he gets mad at me for not being a ray of sunshine about it. He's so damn oblivious. Ugh. I think I'm just annoyed with the whole world today.

Going to try not to deal with it by stuffing my face. Luckily there's no more cake. It's a cake kinda day.
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