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Awww Mern, those GD trips to the grocery store are sweet! They will be closer together for having done stuff like that now.

Hope...I'm glad to hear that you are getting more stretching and movement going on with your fibro. That's gotta be tough.

Mike & Tori...I hope I get to see the results of this week's challenge!

Quinn...I honestly don't know how I seem to basically maintain either. I had a cupcake last night and licked the fingers, spatula, icing bag, etc while I made them. But was still about the same weight this morning. I really wish the scale would cooperate more often though! LOL

With summer coming, I am much more into fresh foods. So far today I have eaten a Greek yogurt with a banana, 2 slices of tomato and about 1/3 of a huge cucumber cut up in a bowl with just black pepper sprinkled on for season (I was tempted to spritz on the ranch spritz but tried it without and it was yummy!) and two pickled eggs (just the whites) and I forced down two cubes of red beet too just because I should learn to eat them! That's a whopping 322 calories so far today with 229 of it being breakfast. So after my lunch walk here I will probably have an apple and a 90 calorie pack of graham crackers if the apple doesn't fix me up until dinner time. I am so loving this new way of eating.
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