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Quinn, I call it stretching but it is a little mini floor workout routine. I do some yoga stuff (cat pose, plank, child's prayer, downward facing dog) but also 3 types of ab crunches, and leg lifts. I also do runner's stretches, and stuff like dropping my lower back to the floor, bringing my knees to my chest. Lately I have been adding arm stuff, bicep curls, triceps stuff without weights: I hope to get to use weights again soon. I hope my back/ fibro stuff allows me to go to the gym or walk in the woods which I have been enjoying so much alone,with my friends, with DD or sometimes DH. Having chronic back/knee stuff for over 30 years, the one thing I learned is ya gotta move!!!

Mern, I too am curious about this red yeast rice powder of which you speak.
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