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Will be back in a bit. Got some other things going on, but first want to shoot this reply to April.

April! Hi! I've been having a hard time getting my scale to move, too, and I think I MAY have finally gotten to that point. Hoping you are coming along for that ride. OMG, it's wonderful that you are able to go on that camping trip Friday. Wishing you a really great, relaxing time. Kudos on your oldest son's grades and I certainly do wish you the best with younger son's academic and therapy achievements. You and your DH deserve so much credit for the unconditional, loving support of your kids. Good for you for not pushing the mainstream school until you are convinced he can handle it. Aw, his laughing and talking must really be encouraging for you. OMG, I love that pic of you below--you look even younger than in your avatar. I am so jealous of your before size 30 and during size 16 yeans. What an exciting and well-deserved accomplishment. I know how hard you worked for that! I was in a size 26-28 jean shorts last year and this year got size 18-20, so I'm right behind you. Even when I weighed 107 (yes, one hundred seven) I had to wear size 14 due to post childbirth pelvic spread, so my wide hips are forever.
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