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I'm back and in for the week. Took a couple of weeks off - just too darn busy at work to try to keep up with everything and a few things had to give.

I ended the month much better than I thought - a total of 7.8 pounds and 13 inches total gone for good! A friend of mine in Arizona posted on facebook about a change in her eating habits and how much better she felt overall, etc. This is a grandmother of 8 who is fit, trim and bikes 75 miles a day as well as work, etc. So I asked her about her changes in eating habits and she explained to me her whole foods way of eating. Taking her advice on a few websites, books etc. I dove in to the research and have been following what I have read about. Miraculously it is working with very little effort. Basically a vegetarian diet but more importantly a diet that is full of fresh fruits and vegetables. It's not a 'diet' in terms of eliminating calories or certain foods for a short period of time, but a permanent change in your eating habits and the foods you choose. And it fits well with my way of eating when I do cook at home. So for me the biggest change is I must cook at home more and not eat out (which I love to do)

My goals for the week:

1. Drink 100 oz of water
2. Bed by 11 pm
3. Walk / exercise everyday
4. Dishes everyday
5. Desk cleaned off by Thursday

Here's to a great month of June!
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