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Hey, Mern! You did better than I at the celebratory events this weekend... fell face first into the birthday cake... But, I'm back in the game now. What does red yeast rice powder do? Is it for High BP? I've never heard of that one before!

frenchhen, Nice to see you back! Yep, family issues can throw everything off course... calm, prayerful meditation is one of my secrets... especially when I'm out hiking.

April! Nice to "see" you! Love your pictures... You look fantastic! You always seem to keep on track... I don't know how you do it! Glad to hear everything is going well.

Mike, Buddy, Cupcake... No Sonic for you this week, my friend! No Blasts, burgers and fries... I need you to keep ME motivated! lol Start behaving or we might have to take your bike away!!! lol

Hope, Thanks so much for all of your kind words and encouragement! Things are calm for the moment, and I'm enjoying every single minute of it! What kind of stretching do you do? I do a little lower-back friendly yoga but could use some new ideas.

Nobe, Nice, steady weight-loss! You can do it this week... all of us slackers need to pull it together!

Well, I'm off to do some cooking and then out hiking in the first time in a LONG time! Beautiful weather like this can't be wasted! See you all later in the day!

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