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Meggie – we have an award the “BIDIA” – it’s But I Did It Anyway – you get one because you exercised despite a migraine!

Pam, your ride sounds amazing, and,I hope your O Lifting was equally amazing, I won’t be trying that.

Mai, social events are very challenging, because, food is so social, portion control is my friend for those, I do have a bite of the things I want, but try to stop (not always successfully!)

I ran a church fair on Saturday, this put me on my feet for 8 hours, although there were sweets consumed, still a moving day all day – then on Sunday, my journey to church consisted of missing every bus, and ending up walking – it’s about 2 ˝ miles, so that was a little push.

Today I ran one fast mile (8 miles per hour, that’s a 7 and a half minute mile), and then lifed weights, I’ll feel this for a while!
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