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I know I don't need to eat but don't that the hardest thing? I felt like if I diet I need to cut out my social life. I still not master this part of "dieting". But now I really try to avoid eating grain carbs and sweet. I think those two are the worse for me.

But you are right about running. I remember last couple years when I started to drop pound. I can't restricted diet and very fustrated. But I told myself that I will walk, eventually became running. And when I became a bit fitter, my diet follow. Then I dropped the pound. That what I am doing right now. I just got back to walk/run 5 times/week.

I don't think I eating habit is very bad. I do not drink alchol or sweet drink. I don't eat fast food at all. If I do consume these only occasionally as treat of the family. So I really don't know where to cut it.

Thanks Pam for spending the time read and encourage me. I am not give up yet.
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