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I know I'm early for tomorrow but I have a lot going on in the morning and wanted to post this since Tori said that I could make both of our goals.

I figured I'd change it up a bit. First I put up some goals between us, then I'll list Tori specific goals and specific goals for myself.

First things first, we both have to make our journal public for this week and post the link.

Now that I got that out the way, IT'S ON LIKE

Tori vs. Mike Goals
1) highest % of weight lost (post beginning weight)
2) most ounces of water per day
3) most servings of fruits/veggies (fresh, frozen, V8, doesn't matter)
4) least amount of bread
5) most miles walked

Tori specific
1) find a new doctor
2) no smokes
3) no frozen dinners (frozen lunch is okay if you are working)

Mike specific
1) write 3 policies
2) no Blasts
3) 2 RAK

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