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Default I don't understand the calories info

I don't know if I am overthinking this, but I don't get the way the program displays calories. I understand the calories consumed part where I add in my foods, but I'm not sure I understand the final number it gives. For instance the two days I have been logging it would say -880 or so calories as a net total. Does that mean my diet was deficient by 880 calories meaning I took in less than I needed? Now on day 3 suddenly it is saying I need 2664 calories today though yesterday just for my lifestyle it said 2300 and I swear the day before it said 2000. Why is that changing daily? I do exercise a lot between going to gym and hobbies, but I can't see how it could be ok for me to consumer 2664 calories today especially since this is my 1 day off from the gym. What number of calories should I be consuming to lose weight? I weigh 232 and want to get down to at least 145. Around 1500 to 1800 calories I have been told elsewhere?? But this software doesn't seem to say that. Why isn't there a help section for this software?!
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