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Originally Posted by gnattylove View Post
I am doing a modified version of Atkins. I eat 20 carbs or less for 3 days then on day four I eat higher carbs. Not bad carbs but apples, bananas, whole grain bread, oatmeal, etc. Then go back to three days under 20 carbs. It has helped me stay on the diet and I am actually losing weight like crazy. I was having long plateaus on just doing 20 carbs or less a day. I can stick to this better because I know I can have the higher carb fruits and veggies and that forth day.

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Yeah, I will, on occasion, take a day where I eat more carbs than allowed, but on those days I will switch to calorie counting and I'll make myself stay under 1800 calories. So, I'm not denying myself forever. I just make sure I count the calories when I have a "treat."
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