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I was on this years ago and dropped from 282 to 202, but I let depression win out and I gained it all back and then some. I have dropped 40 to 60 pounds on 2 or 3 other occasions.

I stayed in induction for a month and dropped 30 pounds. I have now added nuts, berries and veggies like peas and green beans. Now, after 51 days of Atkins I have dropped from 300 lbs to 259.6.

So what's different this time. I'm going to make a lifestyle change. I am going to exercise. I am going to get my weight down under 170 and I am going to be a running machine (the rest of my family runs--I have people to do this with).

I never feel bad on Atkins like many people report. From day 1 I always feel better. I have started running now and I'm up to 1 mile per day (I know, not exactly the Boston Marathon, but I'll get there).

The only discomfort I do experience is diarrhea the first 1-3 weeks.

I also have developed a severe Diet Mtn Dew addiction.
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