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Originally Posted by hanny60able View Post
Hello All

I'm new to this thread and I'm on a long and difficlut wieght loss journey. Just haven't been able to loss as fast as I would like. A little about me. Lost 80 some pounds and made lifetime at WW. THen over the years I put it all back on. Just won't drop off like it did the first time round. My health is good and would be better if I could drop 60 pounds. Well that's all I have to say
Good luck Hanny. Don't give up and keep working hard and it will come off again.

Originally Posted by taubele View Post
It may be that if you ask your dad to look it up himself, he's more likely to believe himself? I wish I knew exactly what the doctor said to him, and it's likely the medical scare/being put on insulin helped nudge my father as well. I feel for everyone's pain here in dealing with a stubborn relative you're concerned about.
Thanks for the advice. I think I will suggest that next time I get the opportunity to. I've tried to help educate him a little. For example he had no idea that a big sweet potato was over 300 calories before I told him. The look on his face was shock. He just thought of it as a "Vegetable", and while it is a healthy food, it won't help him lose weight if he eats a very big portion of it and tops it with margarine. I think he's still under the impression that you can gorge yourself on food as long as it's "healthy food". You can get morbidly obese on broccoli and cabbage if you drown them in margarine.
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