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Question Issue with body measurements

I looked for an existing thread regarding this problem but could not find anything. I entered my starting measurements last week, including the 1/2 inches where applicable. Did not notice that Fitday rounded them down. Went to enter my measurements today and found that when I enter anything with .5 fitday rounds down when it shows the measurements. No matter what I did could not change that. Reports also only show the whole inches.

However, I was reading some posts regarding fitday beta and 2.0 and noticed up at the top of the screen fitday classic so I clicked on it and discovered a whole new world of reports!. When I click on body tab, there are my measurements, including all the 1/2 inches!!! Happy to see I have not lost them, but would really like them to show up on the regular screens I use.

Anyone else notice this, and/or is there a way to change this so we can see all those half inches lost?


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