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Originally Posted by lastri View Post
Thanks for all the response. you guys just like family to me. I can just be who I am.
Pam, sounds like a nice plan for the day. You have so many interesting way to incoperate work out into you daily routine.
Abby, well done. You don't let other people affect your routine.
Good morning Mai,
I saw your post in the women's corner. Remember, my friend, you are the captain of your own ship. I mean this in the kindest way, but just because there is food in front of you... you don't have to eat it. I think once you get back to a little running the pounds will start to fall off. For me it really does require some extended aerobic exercise to really see the scale shift. And since you really enjoy running, start slow and I bet your distance and speed will build before you know it. But do be carefull with that foot!

Originally Posted by Meggietye View Post
Despite still hanging on to a tiny migraine I walked for 40 min this morning then this afternoon I did 20 min of cardio. Abby thankyou for your encouraging words! I am new in here and felt a bit shy about posting
Meggie, I know what you mean about being kinda shy with posting. It took me a while to really become active, and now you can't shut me up . Actually I'll still have days when there doesn't really seem like much I can add to a thread so I don't.

Yesterday's ride was truely lovely. Not exactly a workout sitting on a gentle horse wandering around the vineyards for and hour and a half. That was followed up by a wonderful, healthy lunch at one of the winery's restaurants and the some wine tasting. (calories in were definitely more than calories out). I went with a good friend of mine. Her DH and mine are 1st cousins and we frequently do things as couples, but we rarely get a chance for just the 2 of us to get together. So it was a wonderful girl's day out. Ahhhh

Now it is off to olymipic weight lifting class. CrossFit has an O-lifting class every Sat. morning and I don't often get a chance to go, so I am really looking forward to "throwing some heavy weight over head". And then not being able to lift my hands over my head for the next 2 days. . Oh the pain, oh the results.
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