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Default Here I am; fat and hating it.

I am not one of the people who was always heavy. All through high school I was frustrated because I was so skinny. Couldn't I gain a little weight so I would be better at sports and the girls would like me? Careful what you wish for. I graduated from high school at 124 lbs. By the time I was 30 I had burst through the 200 pound mark. In early April I went on a short hike with my kids in Shenandoah National Park. Hiking is my favorite thing to do and thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail is my life goal. I couldn't make the hike. I was too fat. On the morning of April 13, 2012 I hopped on the scales I'd been avoiding. 298.6 pound. Geez. I was probably 300 the night before. I was wearing stretch size 48 pants and 3X shirts. I had actually just bought my first 4X. Time to do something.

Both of my kids run cross country. (my freshman daughter weighs in at a whopping 93 pounds). My son is runs, too. He takes after me, however and eats what I eat. He's a little bit overweight, but I don't want him to face obesity like I have.

I needed a goal and motivation and a way to lose this weight.

Goal. I want to weigh 170 pounds which would put me firmly in the healthy range for my 5' 11" weight and have me at my college weight where I felt the healthiest.

Motivation. Cross Country coach told me he is probably going to retire this year. I will apply for the job if I can run a 5K without walking and weigh under 200 pounds when the job comes open.

Method. I am a sweet freak. I am going cold turkey off of sugar. No potatoes and no white breads. I will log my food and keep myself under 1800 calories a day. I started running around May 13.

Progress so far. Well, it's June 2. I've been at this for 51 days and I just weighed this morning. 261.6 pounds. 37 pounds gone. Size 44 pants. 2X shirts.

I feel better. I'm still only able to run for 1 minute intervals with 1 minute of walking in between, but I intend to run a 5K without walking before November. It's still a little daunting to look at 91.6 more pounds to get back to that 170 weight so I'm thinking in little increments.

Obviously, trying to drop the tens' digit in my weight is a goal (I can't weight to see 250 something on the scale). Also dropping one full number in the BMI is a good short term goal.

Slightly longer goal is 222. My sleep apnea seems to stop and start like someone flipped a switch when I hit that weight. I'd love to put that machine in garbage.

Thinking about adding Alli to my plan. Any thoughts on it?
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