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Hi Renee,

thanks for the kudos it is much appreciated. When I saw the dr. last he added glyburide to my Janumet to try and lower my bs until i see the specialist in July. That brought my readings down from 16-18 into the 10-12 range - still not low enough. Janumet is a combo Januvia and Metformin drug, and glyburide is not really recommended anymore because of the way it acts on the pancreas (dr describes it as 'wringing' the insulin out of the pancreas).

Well today I am happy to say that my bs was almost too low yesterday so today I did NOT take the glyburide and my readings were 5 and 6.6 (I know we calculate the blood sugar differently in Canada from the US. Those readings would make a non diabetic jealous!) Needless to say I am very happy, even more happy than I am about the weight loss (LOL)!!

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