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Originally Posted by Nixeypixey View Post
Hi again Cate!

I just noticed you are the same height as me and started at almost the same weight! hehe

Height: 5' 0"
Starting Weight: 173.8
Current Weight: 151
Goal Weight: 115
Secret Goal: 110

I've been on Dr. Simeon's Protocol (aka HCG Diet), and I mean the exact protocol like in his book Pounds and Inches.... not like the many HCG diets out there that have been revised and foods added to make it easier for people. I started May 1st, down 22.8 lbs. and I feel great! Love it!

How Fabulous for you! great job for one month! I read some of the threads here on HCG and googled it cos I didn't know anything about it - if it works for you great.

I am diabetic and was told by my dr. that I would probably have to make the move from oral meds to injection insulin. He scheduled an appt with an endocrinologist for July 9 to get that rolling, and in the meantime ADDED yet another oral med to the cocktail I am already taking. I do not want to go on insulin, SO I immediately started Atkins. I had the book, have read it cover to cover (a couple of times) and have toyed with the diet here and there over the past few years - always making excuses.

Now 6 days in, I find myself having to check my blood sugar several times a day, not to see how high it is, but to make sure that I am not in danger of crashing from blood sugar being too low. Today I did not take the new med (glyburide) and didn't need it. I am still taking the Janumet, but my blood sugar now rivals an average adult NOT suffering from type 2. I feel so much better I think I should record my blood sugar results and not my weight in my signature


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Height: 5' 0"
Starting weight: 170
Goal Weight: 115
Plan: Atkins

Mini goal: 159 by August 31
currently: 161

Eat five different coloured vegetables every day!
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