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Originally Posted by Nixeypixey View Post
Thank you Shawna!

I do have a couple more questions. I just got done adding a Custom Food with all the nutrients and I accidentally put the wrong quantity of grams. Its says 1 instead of 100. How do I correct that? I don't want to have to input it all again!

Also, how do I remove an item from the Custom Food list?

Thanks again!

Hi Nixey and welcome. I am also a newbie, I joined one week ago. I was using a different calorie counting site before and adding a food, or changing anything or even entering a meal would take upwards of an hour - who has that kind of time!

With fitday its pretty easy. You can edit your custom food by clicking on the food item in the list. You will see "add" and "edit" below the nutritional information. You can click on edit to change amts, wt, or any of the fat,cal,carb, etc.

I too would like to know how to delete an item - I was showing a co-worker who wanted to know how to count her Timmy's double-double coffee, but now I have that item and I would like to get rid of it! Any veterans out there who can help?


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