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Hey guys I'm Donald from Oklahoma. This sounds like an AA meeting greeting lol. Anyway I am 27 with a little girl on the way (our first). I want to lose weight for not only myself but her and my wife. I am 5'6" roughly and have always said I was 200 pounds.

In high school was my most active time with my activities. I was still considered overweight but I never noticed it. I weighed between 175-190 roughly.

The other day I noticed my work jeans were getting tighter and stepped on the scale and HOLY CRAP 217! I told myself then I needed to lose weight.

In the past two days just watching what I eat and making better choices I have dropped to 211 this morning and increased to 213 by noon without eating anything? You got me. So I can see that just by being mindful of calories is helping.

As far as my activity level I HATE THE GYM! Tried it, most boring thing ever. No music can make it fun. Haven't tried any classes and personal trainer $$$ out of the question. I enjoy things like the throwing the football with my nephews but they can't be here all the time. Thinking about running routes with them next time for a little more exercise. I work in a shop and am on my feet doing at least some physical labor but my doctor says you get use to your job so don't really count that as exercise. I know when it is 110 degrees in the shop it sure feels like exercise. I enjoy taking a stroll around the neighborhood with my wife but with a pregnant wife and the fact we work opposite schedules makes it hard.

Anyway that is me and my story and any suggestions would help.
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