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Obstacle #10:

Not realizing and living with the truth that 'What I have done in the past is what has got me to where I am now.'

I could reflect on this every single day and it would keep me grounded in my current dieting efforts. No one forced me to 'cheat'; no one put me in an IMPOSSIBLE position. I have free will and I could have stuck to my resolution about eating breakfast in that restaurant that featured gargantuan portions and butter over everthing! I could have stayed home while everyone else insisted we ALL had to go. Since when does my value as a person in relationships depend on how sociable I am, dining out, no matter how delicious that restaurant's food may be?

That's just one example of a dieting mistake. It's my diet. Not my family's diet. I didn't tell them what they could or could not eat. But when it came to telling myself what I already knew, I caved and gave in to what turned out to be a feast.

I DID that. I have free will and I used my free will to go along with the crowd. Because I knew I'd enjoy the food - for the moments it took to eat that food, anyway! But it set me back in my dieting efforts. I can't blame anyone else. It wasn't that I was on the wrong diet. It wasn't that someone forced me against my will. It was all me.

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