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Originally Posted by catebert View Post
Hi everyone, I am new to this site, and also new to posting. I have just read this entire thread and am motivated more than ever now. I was thrilled to find this site because of the ease of tracking food - (if you bite it you write it), and the ability to track weight, mood, having a diary, and best of all the forums.

I had a huge wake up call 2 weeks ago at the Dr. I am diabetic since 2004 and had gone from metformin to a combo drug, and even with my 3 mo. blood sugar has gone up to 16.5 (normal should be about 5 - 20 = sugar in urine, blurred vision, diabetic coma). Dr.'s next step was to refer me to endocrinologist and probably go on insulin. So here I am. no more excuses.

I started Atkins May 26 and have lost 4 pounds, but more importantly my blood sugar has gone down to consistent readings between 6 and 8. In 5 days!! In fact I had a reading of 4.6 this afternoon which is good even for a non-diabetic!

I am feeling so much better already, even tho have not started any exercise yet. I have some health issues (severe chronic pain related to an injury in 1999), but will start this weekend walking everyday - even 15 minutes is more than I am doing now, and am hoping that I will have more energy once the sugar is out of my blood (and muscles, and kidneys, and eyes.....)

I also hate to have my picture taken (because I'm FAT), but Mike, I will take your advice and take one this weekend, and I'll post it too. Seeing your journey has increased my already high motivation. Thanks for the thread!
Mike (01gt4.6) - This thread is spot on and you came up with “NO EXCUSES” before The Biggest Loser did, lol. Congrats on your wonderful progress.

Cate - Your story really touched my heart. Some people hear what a Dr. says but don’t hear the wake up call………………………..You did. Your story motivates me and even though I don’t know you I am so happy for you. Walking is a awesome way to start, slow to start and build up to more minutes as you go. Give it time I hated walking a first but now I am driven to do it.

My husband is diabetic too so I know where you are coming from. He is not over weight but diabetes is a challenge at any weight.

I just wanted to give you a big “WAY TO GO” and keep it up you can do it!

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