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Nik – “stupid squats” as Pam says “oh, the burn, Oh the results”

Pam LOL – I’m always telling my husband he can’t have certain words and turn them into “giggle words” don’t give him squat snatches, please! Balance is my weakest area.

Tunnrida, 2 hours is quite a walk

And Mai, yes, you can be fit again!

I arrived to an empty spin studio, and I was a few minutes late so I figured class cancelled (it actually wasn't, just no one showed). So I jumped on a treadmill. Since I’d come early for spin I had extra time so I set it for 60 minutes, and did it – 54 minutes of that was nine minute miles, I turned it down when I hit 6 miles, and did another half mile walking. Wow, high as a kite, tired legs, hoping for results!
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