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Default 90 lbs down and goal weight achieved

When i started my journey almost a year ago i was a 278 pound 29 year old with a host of medical problems including type 2 diabetes, asthma, liver problems and high blood pressure all bought on from the way i abused myself eating and drinking all the wrong things.

It a cumilated in me ending up in hospital where the doctors basicaly told me loose weight get healthy or you wont see your kids grow up.That was all the motivation i needed and so began a strict diet and training regime which has seen me go from a 20 a day smoker and heavy drinker who couldnt run more than a few yards without collapsing with breathing trouble to a guy who doesnt smoke or drink runs 10 miles 3 times a week and a 3 day a week weight lifting programme

I finaly reached my goal of 190lbs last week and had my blood tests back today which confirmed the diabetes has gone (for now) liver function is back to normal blood pressure is normal and the doc is happy with my progress

so heres a pic of me at 278lbs on a night out with my mum with me looking pregnant

and heres another from the other day

on a final note id just like to say if i cn achieve my goals than theres hope for all of us
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