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Originally Posted by catebert View Post
Hi everyone, I am new to this site, and also new to posting. I have just read this entire thread and am motivated more than ever now. I was thrilled to find this site because of the ease of tracking food - (if you bite it you write it), and the ability to track weight, mood, having a diary, and best of all the forums.

I had a huge wake up call 2 weeks ago at the Dr. I am diabetic since 2004 and had gone from metformin to a combo drug, and even with my 3 mo. blood sugar has gone up to 16.5 (normal should be about 5 - 20 = sugar in urine, blurred vision, diabetic coma). Dr.'s next step was to refer me to endocrinologist and probably go on insulin. So here I am. no more excuses.

I started Atkins May 26 and have lost 4 pounds, but more importantly my blood sugar has gone down to consistent readings between 6 and 8. In 5 days!! In fact I had a reading of 4.6 this afternoon which is good even for a non-diabetic!

I am feeling so much better already, even tho have not started any exercise yet. I have some health issues (severe chronic pain related to an injury in 1999), but will start this weekend walking everyday - even 15 minutes is more than I am doing now, and am hoping that I will have more energy once the sugar is out of my blood (and muscles, and kidneys, and eyes.....)

I also hate to have my picture taken (because I'm FAT), but Mike, I will take your advice and take one this weekend, and I'll post it too. Seeing your journey has increased my already high motivation. Thanks for the thread!
Caty, welcome aboard!!! I'm glad you found some motivation in this thread. WE are all here to help! Congrats on your progress thus far and yeah, don't forget the pics.
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