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Maybe it's time to add in some load-bearing bodyweight exercises like squats, push-ups, and lunges. A good program to follow would be something like One Hundred Push-Ups. You'll accomplish both extra fat burning and muscle building at once.

Also, one of the most important things I've noticed in the last few years for both muscle building and fat loss is good quality sleep. You can't accomplish your goals if you don't give your body a chance to recover from exercise and the general stress of the day. Lack of sleep raises cortisol, the stress hormone, which in turn makes your body hang on to fat.

Good luck!

My rules:
1) eat real food - more vegetables, moderate meat, moderate fruits, less grains, less sugar, less vegetable oils.
2) exercise - moderate intensity cardio, sprinting, heavy lifting, dedicated stretching and mobility.
3) live - relax, de-stress, meditate.

Disclaimer: I'm not professionally qualified to make any formal recommendations. I've just done my homework and I'm my own guinea pig. All of my data, unless otherwise cited, comes from a sample size of n=1 (me).
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