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Originally Posted by Absentha View Post
I totally understand you. My father had a heart attack only three months ago and even though he quit smoking (which was a huge step, I admit), he still eats loads of crap. He's always been very skinny, doesn't matter what he eats, and he still believes he's healthy, even though he's seen his blood tests (pretty poor) and mine (which are perfect although I'm overweight), but still refuses to listen to any nutritional advice. It can be very frustrating, but I can't really force him to value his health.
I'm sorry that you went through that Absentha and sorry for him too. I don't understand how someone can continue to do that after they have a heart attack. I decided to start losing weight because I wanted to avoid having one and doctors warned me that I was getting dangerously overweight so I did what they said.

It reminds me of when a smoker with emphysema will be so addicted to the cigarettes that they will smoke it around their oxygen machine.

I'm glad he at least quit smoking but I do wish you and him well on having him not have a relapse due to his poor diet.
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