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Thanks RPM. I don't think meat and saturated fat is necessarily bad either but he has such a cholesterol problem that I think it's wrong for him as an individual to eat a lot of meat especially when a nutritionist told him this years ago. I'm not sure if it's good for him to get his testosterone levels up either as prostate cancer runs in his family and both his father and brother had it.

His activity level is really low because his feet aren't doing well. He used to keep his weight somewhat in check by doing walks in the morning but he's not able to do that anymore. Even then he overconsumed calories, but he hasn't compensated by eating less at all now that his activity level went down.

To top it off I'm even angrier today because I found a Carl's Jr. bag in his van when we went out to the store and recently I've seen Whataburger bags in there. Apparently he's addicted to fast food in the morning and is eating it on a regular basis. I think what he doesn't realize is that it's not just his business. It directly affects me because I'm going to be his primary caretaker in the future if I can and on top of that I don't want to lose him early either.

I lost 100 lbs. over the last year but I've still got a ways to go and if he's heavy like he is now I don't see how I'll have the strength to help him if he really gets incapcitated.

We went out to the country a few days ago and we bought some vegetables at a farmer's store type place. One of the things he got was a sweet potato, which is a healthy food, but I told him to be careful with the portion size because the one I'd gotten and weighed by grams turned out to be over 300 calories. His eyebrows raised like he had no idea, and also like he didn't quite believe me. This wouldn't be a problem on its own except he's going to take that 300 calories, smother it in margarine, and then probably have something else on top of it like meat on the side to round out a meal which will probably be closer to 800-900 calories.
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