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Hi everyone- Firstly id like to show my respect to all the war heroes past and present.

For me im back to basics this week and trying to get back on track-its my weigh in on wednesday and telling myself that whatever the damage i will put it right. Just hoping that its not too bad but i will let you all know.

# stick to point allowance
# not to be influenced by alcohol when around others drinking- this makes me drink when i dont plan or want to.
# 3 meals a day- no snacking on the bad stuff
# drink more water
# use warm weather to my advantage- walk, trips to park, bike rides, swim
# carry on even when it gets tough- stop feeling guilty when ive gone off track! Put it behind me and start afresh
# make efforts with food preparation-make time!
Start Weight- 234lbs (16st 10lb)

Current weight-171lb (12st 3lb)

New Countdown losses-6lb

1st goal - 167lbs (11st 13lb)
2nd goal- 150lbs (10st 10lb)

Final Goal Weight- 135lbs (9st 7lbs)
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