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Hi everybody! I'm not sure whats going on with me...could be a weird combination of allergies, the weather system, trying to come off my PPD pills, the fact that hubby was a away for a week, the house NOT selling.... I don't know - last week was just crappy and I have this constant dull headache. I was sad that I couldn't log in but stayed on track. I guess I was just huddled in the corner of the wagon but I was there and as a result I am down to 160! As much as I hate weighing in I guess its just a fact of life Its like it calls my name from the laundry room knowing that I can't resist the curiosity! Do they have scales that talk to you cuz that would be awesome (PP!) Like a machine that kept track of your weight and if you gain than it scolds you and if you lose then it congratulates you! oh I think its going to be a long day! Ill post some goals in a bit - I want to be a little more creative than my normal goals.... tried to stay caught up but I'm sure I missed alot. I hope that everyone is doing well and good luck on your goals this week! I will log in as much as possible!
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